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32 oz Wide Mouth Cylinder Round, Natural

32oz Natural Plastic HDPE Widemouth Cylinder Round with a 38-400 neck

Available with the following Closures:

    • PHWN3238-CWh_White_Ribbed_CapPHWN3238-CWh: White Ribbed Cap with an F217 Foam Liner
    • PHWN3238-CBk_Black_Ribbed_Cap_1PHWN3238-CBk: Black Ribbed Cap with an F217 Foam Liner
    • PHWN3238-CBC_Child_Resistant_Cap_1PHWN3238-CRC: Child Resistant Cap
    • PHWN3238-Y_Yorker_CapPHWN3238-Y: Natural Yorker Cap/No Hole with a Red Tip attached
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